Read Suzanne’s Testimonial

February, 15th 2016

Suzanne Lang

“To Whom it May Concern,

I’m writing to let you know what an absolutely fantastic lending experience we had with Jonathan Fodera, and that‘s saying something in today‘s financial lending world (to say it’s a complete mess is quite the understatement). I handle the financial aspects for our company and Jon can tell you firsthand that I was not the easiest person to talk with when we first started speaking. I had been approached by so many alternative lenders that had out and out lied to me that I really wasn’t interested in anything Jon had to say in the beginning, especially where daily payback loans were concerned. After talking with Jon numerous times (he was very patient throughout) and so completely honest in what he could do for our company that he finally gained my trust and we were able to put a deal together. Even if our current bank were to approach us with financing options, we will continue down the lending path with Sprout solely because of Jon — he is a huge asset to your company!

Best regards,

Suzanne Fokes