Read Eihab’s Testimonial

November 9th, 2015

Eihab Vitti, M.D.

“I was recently looking to expand my specialty medical practice and bring in additional specialized doctors.  With 5 locations currently and while still practicing myself, my time was limited.  I began working with Dan Aronoff at Sprout Lending and I knew right away that they were very different than anyone else i have ever dealt with.  They took the time to understand my business and my needs and were flexible and willing to work around my busy schedule.  Dan genuinely wanted to help me expand and had tremendous knowledge of both small business financing as well as the medical field.

Within a few days I had received 250,000 at an incredibly low rate and I had the ability to expand my practice.  Dan and the Sprout team went above and beyond for me and my business.  If you are in the medical field and are looking for additional working capital then you absolutely MUST speak to the team over at Sprout.”