Please read Jenny’s testimonial!
Jenny owns an antique shop in Wisconsin and was recently funded the first week of Jan 2015!

  • How Sprout Lending Saved My Business –
    By Jenny Eidinburg

It all started with a dream of having a little antique store. My grandmother had been saving tons of collectibles for years upon years. Her house itself could be used as an antique shop if wanted! I’ve always had a love and passion for antiques so my lifelong dream was to have my very own antique shop. Before my grandmother’s passing she left me some seed money to start my antique shop!

It had been going quite well with her help and love for collectibles. Unfortunately when the economy took a hit, so did we. It became more difficult after her passing. By September of 2014 I was in the red and looking at the possibility of losing my antique shop. Granted I felt like a failure, and felt as if I were letting my grandmother down.

I went to many banks to which many of them turned me down on the spot. Others? They took all of my information, and after providing everything from my social security number to years of bank statements, it took weeks before hearing back that I had been denied.

By December I was facing the real possibility that I was going to close up shop for the New Year. Not a Happy New Year for me! While surfing my Facebook feed I came across a company that my friend had recommended. She recently was funded 25,000 big ones for her bake shop. After all that I had been through I decided to give them a call.

Sprout Lending not only has great customer service, but knowledgeable reps who talk you through the entire process. There is no beating around the bush or hidden facts (or fees) for that matter. They were very upfront about my business and told me what we could and could not do. The best part? They listened to my story and my desperation. The representative, John, which I worked with was very patient. He took his time and went above and beyond to find not just one offer available but many and the best one that seem to fit my business’ needs.

I didn’t have to give tons of paper work (an application and a few bank statements sufficed), and within 24 hours he had an offer for me. While we did go back and forth trying to get the best deal possible, I was able to get MY MONEY in two days. On January 6th, while most businesses were trying to get in the swing of things, I had my money and business already flowing smoothly.

If it weren’t for the fast and extraordinary service at Sprout Lending, I would have to face the possibility of losing my antique shop and letting my grandmother down.

I recommend the services of Sprout Lending to any business. The fact is that banks are not going the extra mile to help small business owners, nor big business owners for that matter. Not only had I had an answer in 24 hours I had my money in two days. It was a purchase on my future sales, so it wasn’t like I was borrowing a stranger’s money, I was borrowing my own, and that was the best feeling in the world.