Whenever the holidays roll around, retailers have a difficult time anticipating their working capital requirements for Holiday merchandise.   Retail business around this time of year can become a tricky thing. It’s not just a matter of considering how much extra cash to allocate to merchandise. Retailers have to consider in-store and outdoor decoration, promotional materials and more. Often times an item will become hot with the customers and increase in demand. Thus, causing supply to drop everywhere and creating an ‘only the strongest will survive’ atmosphere.   The retailers with the right amount of working capital will be the ones who can resupply the fastest, taking home all the spoils of that hot item that’s sold out of most places.

As a retail owner, it is essential around the holidays to have excess working capital so that you can capitalize on those great merchandising opportunities. That’s why seeking funding from leading alternative lenders such as Sprout Lending, you can get ahead of the game. Our firm has successfully funded millions to hundreds of different retailers.   This is because of the growing popularity of small business funding. As banks continue to deny smaller businesses, alternative lending sources have been taking on the challenge. The best part? Instead of taking a few weeks to a month to get your money like a bank would, we can get you approved within 24 hours and funded within days!

Funding Your Retail Business During This Holiday Season

Many retailers are going to have their capital tied up in assets. Therefore, when opportunities or unexpected business expenses come around, they would need to liquidate those assets in order to accommodate. Will you be ready when the need for more working capital increases this holiday season? Between a need for new equipment, additional inventory, or store decorations and promotions, you’re looking at a definite increase in costs. Not to worry though! The team over at Sprout Lending can supply you with the working capital you need to stay on top of your necessary holiday expenditures. Sprout has over a 90% loan approval rate and have seen so many clients grow and succeed with our assistance. So much so, many of them come back for seconds! Consult with us today about preparing for this holiday season!


Working With Sprout

Sprout is an online marketplace where businesses come to compare and save on small business loans. You go to and simply fill out a profile or call us at 800-865-6057. Based on that information you provided, Sprout suggests the best matches depending on the amount and purpose of the business loan you are seeking. Last year, Sprout and it’s staff was responsible for over $100 million in loan approvals.

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