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Late Bills, Collections, Bad Credit, Falling Apart.
Craig Dunaham

I doubt my heading will frighten any business owner! We all have been there, and some of us have been there two or three more times. So frustrating!

I am the owner of a little French restaurant that I like to refer to as “my baby”. I’ve had “my baby” for about 10 years now. And, in those ten years we’ve had our ups and downs. Last year it was a definite down. At the beginning of my career I had exceptional credit. As the years past and the economy worsened, my oh so perfect credit went downhill as well.

As of last year we were hit very bad with a slew of storms and had some flooding damages to our basement. Due to that we got mold and had to close for three weeks! A lot of my vendors who require upfront payment were demanding their money and I didn’t have it for them. In turn those bills began to pile up. And while we reopened with a bang, we simply could not catch up

I turned to my local bank and we were immediately denied any kind of loan since my credit score had dropped (not significantly might I add). I had a few vendor bills in collections and well that pristine credit score I had was just considered “average” or “okay”. While I figured I could get by with that score, apparently I didn’t.

I knew I had to do something so I turned to this “unique product” everyone keeps talking about. By contacting Sprout Lending I took the first step in the right direction and a sigh of relief when in literally less than 24 hours I heard back with an approval.

I came to the realization that millions of small business owners must be facing the same struggles. I also learned that my not so perfect credit still got me the money I needed for my business in a very short amount of time (3 days!).  While I am in the process of paying off vendors and catching up, I have developed a (sure to be long term) relationship with Sprout Lending. Not only I didn’t have to have perfect credit, I didn’t have to put any collateral down.

I recommend any business owner to contact Sprout Lending. Let them give you the breathing room for your business. Perfect Credit? Clearly a thing of the past! But getting the money I need to repair that and save my business? I turned to Sprout Lending.