The Young Entrepreneur Council recently asked one question to eleven entrepreneurs, what do they look for first in a salesperson?

Here’s what they found:


Mentality of a Hunter

Alex Lorton of


A person who is always ready to make new contacts and gather information. Someone who is excited about making deals with “the big fish”.  These are the ones who will go that extra mile to get the job done exceptionally.  This mentality shows through to the customer, and it earns their respect.



Lawrence Watkins of Great Black Speakers


A salesperson can learn by doing the job, gaining experience and learning the field; however, the most important thing to master is the follow up.   Making the initial pitch is just the first step.  Having the discipline to persistently and consistently follow up with your potential leads is a key to success.



Thursday Bram of Hyper Modern Consulting


For sales to happen, the salesperson needs to be likeable.  A salesperson needs to have some level of wit and cunning about him or herself, so when he or she gets put on the spot, they can handle it.  It’s important have the power of influence.  Especially in sales.


A Sales Person has to be an Intelligent Fighter

Ben Rubenstein of Yodle


I look for a person who is motivated but knows how to be polite and persistent at the same time.   This person understands social ques and can balance the fine line between persistent and annoying.  This is a major quality that any good salesperson has.


Intelligence, Personality and Drive

Christopher Kelly of Convene


For other roles within an organization we mostly look for one specialized skill.  In salespeople we look for the trifecta of intelligence, personality and drive. These traits make-up the perfect salesperson.



Robert J. Moore of RJMetrics


If a salesperson is easily discouraged and frustrated, he/she should find another job.  Rejection is part of selling and a good salesperson should be resilient enough to deal with the situations like this.



Kelly Azevedo of She’s Got Systems


If a salesperson can help the customer to choose what’s best for them, and not for the sale, it reflects the greatly on his character. This will not only encourage customers to go on with the purchase but also increase their trust in the salesperson. Which will provide a good reputation and increase sales over time.


Personal Relations and Knowledge About the Product

Raheel Retiwalla of Fuzed


I look for a person who has a portfolio of personal relations.  Someone who can understand the product and is able to substantiate its value in front of the customers.  Being a good salesperson doesn’t happen overnight, and as you grow so does your network.  This will come in handy for all your future jobs in sales, having already built up a good rapport with potential customers.


People Skills

-Brian Moran of Get 10,000 Fans


I want to see a listener in the salesperson. He/she should be patient and respectful.  A salesperson should be able to understand his customers’ needs, and deliver for them.  He needs to be likeable, so the customer feels comfortable, and that they are dealing with a genuine person.



 –Jun Loayza of Ecommerce Rules


I test the salesperson in every possible way to see if he/she is determined.  Sometimes I reject them to see their response.  Determination and willingness to adjust are the qualities of a good salesperson.


Confidence and a Little Arrogance

 Adam Degraide of Astonish


Confidence with a touch of arrogance is what I look for in a perfect salesperson.  Letting off an aura of confidence will show your customer that you believe in yourself and your product.  That you are sure of what you are saying and that they can put their trust in you.


So in conclusion, salespeople come in all different shapes and sizes.  There are various personality traits that make up a good salesperson, and every entrepreur has his own opinion as to which are most important.  They are all important though, confidence, charisma, intelligence, resilience and determination coupled with that killer instinct are the things that breed success in the sales field.


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